We take joy and care in making custom cupcakes to order. Online ordering is available through 10:00 am two days in advance of your date.  Our online ordering calendar will block days we are fully booked and unavailable. Our schedule fills up quickly during busy periods, so order early.

Collection: Floral Cupcakes Boxed

Our Floral Boxed Collection includes beautiful and delicious floral cupcakes custom designed for your gift or special occasion

The stunning flowers atop our cupcakes are designed with our signature vanilla buttercream.  You can choose the customization options or elect designer's choice and we will create a lovely box of floral cupcakes!  We offer custom 6-count and 12-count boxes for our jumbo size made from scratch cupcakes and 12-count and 24-count for our mini cupcakes.  

  • The CLASSIC Box includes 2-3 flower designs with a single flower on each cupcake, 1-2 colors (excluding green leaves)
  • The PREMIUM Box includes 3-4 flower designs, with greater details, and a mixture of single flower and multi-flower cupcakes, in 2-3 colors (excluding green leaves)

Gluten-Friendly is available in a 12-count box of jumbo cupcakes or a 24-count box of mini cupcakes for an added fee. (See FAQs about Gluten-Friendly for more information.)