Goodness in every bite

Our stunning floral collections contain baked from scratch jumbo cupcakes in your choice of chocolate, vanilla and our seasonal flavor. Each recipe has been refined to ensure moist and delicious goodness in every bite.

Our cupcakes are jumbo size (almost twice the size of a standard cupcake, approximately 2.5" at base, 3" at top and 1.75" tall). The boxed mini cupcakes are 1.5” at the base, a sweet 3-bite delight.


Only the BEST for our Cupcakes - Our Ingredients

Our cupcakes deserve the finest ingredients and so do you! Our cupcakes contain no artificial preservatives and are made from scratch with quality ingredients. We use organic free-range eggs, European butter, vanilla from Madagascar beans, pure cane sugar, and Dutch processed cocoa. Our delicious signature frosting is a Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream, a lightly sweet, creamy goodness that is the base for our beautiful buttercream florals. We spent months experimenting with ingredients to create our signature buttercream and delicious cupcakes. We use Rainbow Dust ProGel coloring from the United Kingdom and The Sugar Art colors from the United States to create our floral colors. Darker colors require more coloring than lighter colors.

Based on the ingredients, you could say our cupcakes are definitely "out of this world"!

How to Order

Our cupcakes are custom made just for you! We do not have a store-front and do not keep stock on hand. Orders should be placed at least 5 days in advance and as early as possible for special events and holidays. For our grand opening, we are currently accepting orders up to 2 days in advance.

To order, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Select the type of product you would like from the website menu
  2. Scroll through the product offerings and when you decide upon a product, select "Customize"
  3. Pick a date and time for delivery or pick-up. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and the days in which we are fully booked will be blocked out.
  4. Check out and pay in full in the cart.
  5. Wait for your delivery or pick-up at the time specified in your order.

Pick-up or Delivery

We are pleased to offer both pick-up and delivery options. We do not offer shipping due to the delicate nature of our cupcakes. When customizing your product, you are prompted to select pick-up or delivery and a time slot. We are a small business, and pick-up and delivery times are limited to the specified times.

Pick-up is at our cottage home bakery in Frisco, Texas during the specified time slot in your order. The address will be provided upon checkout. Your cupcakes will not be ready in advance of your time slot, so please do not arrive early.

Delivery is currently on special for no charge within a 7-mile radius of our cottage bakery in Frisco, Texas (75033). Delivery is available for a fee based on mileage, with 7-12 miles for $10, 12-18 miles for $15, 18-25 miles for $20, 25-32 miles for $25 and 32-40 miles for $30. Speciality catering orders are quoted delivery fees. Contact us for deliveries outside of our standard delivery area. Due to the delicate nature of our cupcakes, we cannot leave cupcakes at a door or unattended location. Deliveries must be received by a person 16 years age or older during the time slot specified in your order. If delivery is attempted during the time slot but not received, your order will be available for pick-up at a later time. Delivery will not be re-attempted and there are no refunds for delivery fees or products in such circumstances.

Traffic delays in the DFW area are frequent and may result in delivery after the specified time slot. If delivery is made 15 minutes after the end of the time slot, the delivery fee will be refunded.

Please reference our Pick-up and Delivery Policy upon checkout.

How to maintain freshness

Because our cupcakes are made fresh with no artificial preservatives, they are best eaten within a day of delivery or pick-up. If you have any remaining cupcakes, we recommend refrigerating them after a day in a sealed container and then taking out of the refrigerator a couple hours before eating (our cupcakes and frosting should be at room temperature for the best taste, texture and goodness). Our cupcakes do not like hot Texas days as the vanilla buttercream will melt! We do not use shortening in our frosting, so they do not have a high tolerance to heat. We are not responsible for cupcakes after delivery or pick-up.

Gluten-Friendly Options

We offer gluten-friendly options for an additional fee with a minimum order of 12 jumbo or 24 mini cupcakes. All of our products are made in the same home kitchen that contains allergens, such as nuts, gluten and dairy. We cannot certify our products and do not recommend our products for individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions, such as those with celiac disease. Our gluten-friendly option is made with a gluten-free flour and all other standard ingredients that are not gluten certified but do not contain wheat or its derivatives in the ingredients. Such ingredients often contain disclosures that the product was made at a facility that manufactures products containing wheat or other allergens.

Our Mission: Let your beauty fill the air, oh precious rose

Please see our About Us page for more information about our desire to share beauty to our community. Nominate someone in your circle to receive a free cupcake bouquet, which is given out monthly. Also, if you know a person, cause or organization that could benefit from our giving strategy, feel free to let us know.

We are a cottage home bakery in Frisco, Texas

We are a cottage home bakery operating under the Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Section 229.661. Our products contain allergens, such as eggs, milk, and wheat products. Our cupcakes are made in a home kitchen that is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.